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The Road Taken

The Road Taken

            Ten years ago, I was stepping out of the Vassil Aprilov High School of Economics in Cherven Bryag full of uncertainty, anxiety, and expectations about the future. I had spent four years there, which later turned out to have helped me build my character and make first steps at dealing with real-life situations. 

            While at Vassil Aprilov I made important friendships that lasted through good and bad times. The perpetual support and understanding that I received from these friends proved instrumental to my later decisions. 

            High school helped me built very stable studying habits, thanks to the help of my family and the instructors at Vassil Aprilov - who knew I was going to stay at school for another ten years J? I certainly did not, at least not at that time. However, as time passes by one learns to be grateful for the acquired skills from the past and to be appreciative of the people who helped her cut a clear passage through the dense and mysterious forest. 

            My education there initiated my affection for the English language. Not only did my love for the language grow stronger as the years passed, but by the end of the fourth year, I knew I wanted my future to be connected with it somehow. After several years of persistent pursuit and strong belief, I found myself in the USA working towards a Master?s and subsequently a PhD degree. Now, I am in a situation that combines the best of both worlds. I teach Business Finance in English, and I get to use the language on a daily basis. Today, I am in the same position as my teachers at Vassil Aprilov ten years ago: I get satisfaction from conveying my knowledge to students who want to learn and are preparing for the path that awaits them once they leave the comforting nest of their Alma Mater.



Ginka Borisova

PhD Student 

Finance Division

Price College of Business

University of Oklahoma

Norman, OK, USA

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